Instructions Prior to Surgery

If you are having General Anesthesia you can EAT up to 8PM and then DRINK until BEDTIME.

DO NOT eat after dinner but you should have plenty of fluids until bedtime or midnight.

This is an elective surgery, so safety is first. If you have recently been ill, are ill, or think you may be coming down with something, please call and we will reschedule as necessary. 

Please wear a short sleeve shirt to allow for the taking of your blood pressure. 

You must have a driver present and able to stay in the office while the surgery is underway. 

Any prescription blood thinners should have been stopped days prior to surgery unless approved by the surgeon. Please discuss this with a doctor at your consult. Aspirin is usually not a problem. 

Take all pre-operative medications as directed. Certain medications prescribed below are started two hours before surgery and may be taken with only one sip of water. i.e ~1 inch in the bottom of a glass.

IF given a steroid Medrol Dose Pack— Start 1-2 DAYS prior to surgery and continue as directed. This will significantly reduce your swelling and pain. 

IF given an antibiotic— Start 2 HOURS prior to surgery and continue as directed.  

By law, Controlled Substances listed below must be electronically transmitted to your pharmacy. 

IF given the sedative Xanax— Take it 2 HOURS prior to surgery. This is a low dose mild relaxant required for the start of anesthesia.

IF given a Controlled Pain medication– Start if AFTER surgery as directed, however, bring it with you the day of surgery. 




Finish Steroids
Finish Antibiotic
Pain Meds PRN


Please pick up all prescriptions ASAP. If your pain prescription is misplaced do not call the office, these can not be refilled prior to your appointment. We do not phone in controlled prescriptions. The pharmacies will not hold your scheduled medications after one week. Be sure your pharmacy gives you all the medication as prescribed.